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'gnomic' adjective, from Greek gnomikos
Expressed in or of the nature of short, wise, pithy maxims or aphorisms.

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Gnomic Exploration Services Pty Ltd is a specialist service company that has been providing the mining and exploration industry with experienced geoscience professionals since 1985, surviving over 30 years of the boom and bust cycle typical of the industry.

We specialise in matching skills and personalities in a unique style of old -fashioned personal service. Both client and employee needs, including technical and personal are well considered before staff are assigned. Deployed personnel are then monitored by Gnomic to ensure continued professionalism; fulfilling our philosophy of maintaining harmonious team environments with safe and environmentally responsible work practices.

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Complete Geoscience Services

Geoscience professionals and field crews for both exploration and mining projects.


We manage all your administrative and legislative employment requirements


Petrology & microanalysis

Data Management

Database development, management and data entry


Our Team

We offer clients our depth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

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A career in geoscience

A career in geoscience

At Gnomic Exploration Services, we firmly believe our point of difference is the people we work with. Our geologists, field technicians and support staff are affectionately known as Gnomes. They are the reason we exist and are at the centre of all that we do.

What it takes to be a Gnome

What it takes to be a Gnome

It takes something special to be a Gnome and build a career in geoscience. At Gnomic, our Gnomes are working generally in 2 areas: 1. Exploration 2. Mining