What We Do

At Gnomic, emphasis is placed on the people.

We specialise in matching skills and personalities with a unique style of old -fashioned personal service. Both client and employee needs, including technical and personal are well considered before staff are assigned. Contracted personnel are then monitored by Gnomic to ensure continued professionalism; fulfilling our philosophy of maintaining harmonious team environments with safe and environmentally responsible work practices.

Our people can be deployed promptly and are available for both long and short-term contracts, with each contract assessed on its individual requirements.

We provide:

  • Geoscience professionals and field crews for both exploration and mining projects; administrative and legislative employment requirements; database management; workplace health & safety, and more.
  • Access to technical services.
  • Every contract is assessed on individual requirements that are then matched with the skills and personalities of our personnel to obtain the best person for the job.
  • Confidentiality is assured.

Gnomic operates on integrity, professionalism and personal service.

Our Philosophy

Gnomic's success is based on a deep understanding of the conditions faced by those who work in the minerals industry. We are renowned throughout the industry for going above and beyond in nurturing graduate geologists and supporting their ongoing career development. Many geologists and field supervisors currently in management began their careers with Gnomic, a fact of which we are very proud. Having started with Gnomic, they come back to us as clients for their own contract staff.

Our People

Gnomic Exploration Services has available a large pool of geoscience personnel who are fully assessed for their integrity, technical skills, level of experience, loyalty, enthusiasm, and personal work preferences. Geoscientists and field assistants with professional skills and experience.
We also provide camp cooks, environmental scientists and sample prep people for assay labs.

Your Benefits

With the increasing overheads and commitments associated with employing full-time staff, outsourcing of exploration and mining personnel makes good economic and legal sense.

We save you administrative and employment costs, including:

  • Reference checking and interviews
  • Superannuation Guarantee Charges
  • PAYG withholding Tax
  • Compliance with Federal and State Industrial Relations Law
  • Workcover
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances