Positon Filled

We require a junior geologist with copper porphyry experience that is confident in the day job of supervising drilling operations, geologically logging core to the client's standards, etc.

NSW based person is preferred. Starting in March/April

Geologist – Exploration Drilling, Lachlan Fold Belt, NSW


The focus is on providing geological observations, data recording, interpretations, technical thinking and

recommendations to help towards delivering exploration success on copper-gold targets, all to be done

safely and on time.

Expected tasks associated with this role, include:

? Geological logging of drill cores, involving:

o Quick log (skeleton log) – for daily drill hole progress reporting, and;

o Detailed logging (geology and structures) of holes using a digital tablet with Excel data entry.

? Importantly, geological logging must be able to:

o identify intrusive (e.g., diorite, monzodiorite, monzonite, granite), volcanic (andesite, basalt) and

volcano-sedimentary rock types (volcanic breccias, greywacke, sandstone, siltstone),

o alteration types (e.g., quartz, garnet, sericite, chlorite, epidote, K-spar),

o minerals (e.g., pyrite, chalcopyrite, covellite, bornite, hematite and magnetite);

o as a priority, to keep up with the daily geological logging of drill holes, in-turn which helps to

meet the Kincora schedule of drill core processing, sampling and assaying requirements

? Plotting of daily drilling geology and faults onto a working cross-section (paper or digital working

formats) to show drill hole progress towards the target(s),

? Daily reporting of exploration drilling and geological activities (templates already established, just

needs daily updating and then email at the end of day to the Kincora team)

? Providing daily drilling data uploads via email and/or Box to the Kincora team in UB.

? Undertake a review of holes logged, once the geochemistry data is returned from the laboratory,

mainly to improve/refine the geology logged.

? Providing updates once / week via Skype about the drilling and geology on the project in progress.

? Be available to help advise and/or answer technical and exploration related questions to Kincora

management, when required.

? Daily supervision of the drilling operations (i.e. drill rig and associated field teams)

? Some mentoring and guidance to field technicians and junior geologists:

o core orientations and core tray mark-ups,

o drill core photography,

o cutting (including cut-sheet preparation) and sampling,

o use of standards during sampling and analysis.

? There will also be some liaison required with the landowners during the drill rig movements.

? Monitoring and reporting on safety – with the Kincora exploration team and contractors

? Working respectfully and collaboratively with the exploration team and contractors with Kincora.

? Assist with other technical and exploration related activities when required.



Looking especially for the CV’s of younger NSW based geologists with copper and/or gold experience who would like to work on exploration drilling programs.

NSW based person is preferred. 


Period of work is around 14 days at site and 14 days break (including 2 days of travel, allowing 12 days at home), drive-in-out to NSW (Parkes-Trundle-Condoblin area). Accommodation is provided on site.